Journey Kids always begins with secure, safe, computer check-in. This system makes sure we know your child.  Your child’s basic information is printed on their name tag.  You will receive a receipt to check your child out after service.  This system also makes sure that our volunteers are able to keep your children as safe as possible.


Our Journey Babies Room is a clean and safe place for you to check-in your infant-3 1/2 year old.  Our nursery workers all pass a background check and are trained to serve the babies with care.  Our nursery room is divided into two seperate areas, mobile and non-mobile.  This assures that your child is able to meet and befriend the children that he/she is able to play with.  We pray that your child feels loved and cared for while in the nursery.  Any specific instructions you might have for your children can be left with the nursery workers.  Our nursery typically has an adult volunteer for every two children.  They will show your child the specific attention that they deserve. Journey Babies meet on Sunday at 10am and Wednesday at 6:30.


The Journey Tots room is for our 3 1/2- 5 year old toddlers. This classroom is an exciting one!  These students are developing so fast, it is crucial that they are introduced to the God that created them.   The Tots room uses a video driven curriculum that engages the young students.  They are led through the video by our volunteers who encourage them to dance, sing, respond, and talk about the video.  Students in this room amaze us with their knowledge and genuine recollection of the story of Christ.  Your child will also have the opportunity to enjoy a snack and play on our amazing loft and slide that is built into the room! Journey Tots meet on Sunday at 10am and Wednesday at 6:30.

Our Journey Kids room is for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.  This is a high energy room!  Leaders guide the students via a video curriculum that has them dancing from wall-to-wall and responding to the teaching and scripture memory with enthusiasm.  Journey Kids introduces the children to a fun and exciting view of who Jesus is and also makes sure kids begin to grasp how they fit into God’s story. Our JK leaders are always ready for a conversation with the kids and ready to answer questions that might arise.  The Journey Kids are also able to enjoy arcade games that are spread across the room.  This environment is fun and friendly for children to come to.  We pray that your school-aged children are able to come and meet Jesus in our Journey Kids room.  Journey Kids meets on Sundays at 10am.


The Greenhouse is our Wednesday night children’s program.  At The Greenhouse it is our hope that seeds are planted, students grow, and begin to bear fruit.  Scripture makes these analogies to our walk with Jesus.  We hope that your children are encouraged to know who Jesus is, learn how to begin and strengthen their relationship with Him, and share that faith with others.  This is what The Greenhouse is about.  Students learn these things through lessons on applicable topics, crafts, and just a good ole’ fun time.  These children have a blast in Greenhouse.  It is also one of Journey’s most successful ministries in leading children to The Lord! The Greenhouse meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.